It is my desire to inspire.

 We are all perpetual pupils and our horses are the best teachers if we choose to listen.



So about me I am a passionate dressage rider.  I actually consider myself as a curator of live art.  My medium is the horse and my craft is dressage.  

 I am considerate of their physical and emotional needs along the way. 

Each horse is trained to met their individual needs to attain symmetry. This is achieved implimenting ground work, inhand work, lounging, riding and theurapeutic therapies.

As a student you will learn strategies to attain symmetry for you and your horse.

The end product is a magnificent and proud horse.   

My training method is based on the FEI rules at all times.  That is the poll is the highest point during all levels of training to maintain the biomechanical advantage to the horse.I have studied the masters of the past in their observations and suggestions.  



Private Lessons on own horse = $80 (travelling is $10 per 15 mins)


Private Lessons on schoolmaster = $150

(travelling is $10 per 15 mins)

(My horses are fitted with European saddlerly)


Clinics available throughout Australia and overseas.  Minimum of 8 riders maximum 12 per day.  Travel costs are divided amongst the riders.  






Classical Dressage

Natasha Jones

Mobile: 0410 716 344

Located in Pakenham Upper, Victoria, Australia