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About Me


So about me I am a passionate dressage rider.  I actually consider myself as a curator of live art.  My medium is the horse and my craft is dressage.    Together we have worked with mutual respect to become the best we can be as one.

The end product is a magnificent, proud creature that has reached the optimal physical capabilities with careful and considerate training.  I am considerate of their physical and emotional needs along the way. 

My training method is based on the FEI rules at all times.  That is the poll is the highest point during all levels of training to maintain the biomechanical advantage to the horse.

I have studied the masters of the past in their observations and suggestions.  Each horse is trained to met their individual needs to attain symmetry. This is achieved implimenting ground work, inhand work, longing, riding and theurapeutic therapies.

As a student you will learn strategies to attain symmetry.

About you


If the image below sits well with you then good luck with your journey.  It is time for us to say good bye.  It's nothing personal, it's just we are not going to be a good fit.  If you are looking for a kind, soft and logical training method you are in the right place.

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